We offer haute cuisine and stunning location to enjoy a unique slow food experience in the house of a local chef.



We believe that what makes a meal an unforgettable experience are the good vibes from great company and the ambience from a beautiful location for this in Oducia we want to set a table for guests from all over the world.


We have created Oducia with the serious commitment to work only with fresh and organic products. The finest seasonal ingredients are  thoroughly selected from local market. This keep our menu in constant change depending on the time of the year and motivate us to create new flavours.


The menu will be made up of 4 main dishes together with a selection of local wines for the guests to taste and discover guided by the host while the chef is busy cooking and preparing the dishes and serving them.

I am Antonio Cruz.

I feel a really fortunate person because I live in my city, practising the profession that I love which provide me with such good moments. And without a doubt I’m pleased with my little place in earth, which have room for everyone, the studio that make my dreams comes true...




These menus are an example and I will prepare an exclusive Mediterranean menu according to the fresh products available in the local market on the day of the event.

Slow Dinner in Chef House


- Salmon Tartar marinated with Mango and Avocado on Cashew Ajoblanco.- Salmon Tartar marinated with Mango and Avocado on Cashew Ajoblanco.- Salmon Tartar marinated with Mango and Avocado on Cashew Ajoblanco

1º Course

- Crispy Seasonal Mushroom Rice with Asparagus and Iberian Sirloin.

2º Course

 - Roasted Octopus with Curried Vegetable Wok and Leek Cream.  

Mediterranean Market Food


- Seasonal Fruit Tabbule with Mojama on Spearmint Salsiki and Beet Vinaigrette.- Seasonal Fruit Tabbule with Mojama on Spearmint Salsiki and Beet Vinaigrette.

1º Course

- Acorn Pork Cheek with Grilled Vegetables and sweet Potato Puree.

2º Course

- Codfish Confit with Seafood Fideuá and Fine Toasted Garlic Cream.


To choose between two options.

- Milk Torrija and Hazelnut Ice Cream.
- Chocolate Cake with Spices and Mango Sorbet.

Both menus can be adapted to Vegetarian or Vegan tastes with prior notice in the Invitation.



ODUCIA, they are my roots.
Oducia is a dream.

In Oducia, both the Chef and the host await, come and join us at our table.

When excellent cuisine, made with care, the finest ingredients and attention to detail, can be shared with others who are spiritually akin, both new or good old friends, food can become a different experience, a cultural exchange, the sharing of knowledge and pure entertainment, not only a nutritional act.

At home we only cook out of passion and will, not as our duty. At the dining table, together with friends we cherish the moment of silence after the first bite, the first mouthful that precedes our first expressions of love and delight for the food we’re enjoying.
During the evening we immerse ourselves in appreciating the taste, we hold our glasses of wine and cheer for the happiness of being alive.

We’re available for private groups and we can create a personalised gastronomic experience for any special occasion worth celebrating.


We can prepare a memorable lunch or dinner for 30 people or more as well as different menu sizes. The first and most important is for us to hear about your ideas.

Send us an email and we will get in touch to discuss all the details.

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We are based in my own studio apartment were I personally live, only 5 minutes walk away down the centric San Luis street from the impressive Macarena Basilica.
San Luis street used to play a crucial role back in the ancient times, since it became the official entrance and walk-way of kings from the Macarena Gate down towards the city center.
Along this magnificent street you will find several enclaves of enormous historical and architectural importance, which belong to several different centuries, but that are of religious nature in most cases.
Some of the most relevant ones worth pointing out are: the San Luis de los Franceses church, former novitiate of the Jesuits in the city (which the street is named after), the Gothic-Mudejar parishes of San Gil, Santa Marina and San Marcos; the Plaza and the Pumarejo Palace.
We are located next to Feria Street and the booming Plaza de la Alameda.